My Retirement Journey: A little bit about me 

Hello everyone and welcome to The Retirement Maze. I thought I would start by introducing myself, explain why I am writing this blog and what I am hoping to achieve.

I have worked all my life and now find myself thinking more and more about how early I might be able to retire. During my working life I have managed to accumulate a decent pension fund but getting a clear overview of it all has been quite a steep learning curve. Finding old employer pension paperwork, trying to get hold of transfer values, and then deciding which SIPP provider to use to bring them all under one roof has been quite a challenge. Despite the pain it's been worth it, as I now have 35 years of fragmented pension provision all under one roof which I control - I like that !

I am already planning how best to use SIPP drawdown and will be looking at all the options available to me which i hope will be interesting to everyone. Of course I am hoping retirement will open up another world of opportunities for me such as getting my golf handicap down to a reasonable level (and having the time to play on a regular basis), plenty of travel, fishing, and lots more - all of which I will be writing about as my journey progresses.

Talking of fishing, last weekend I caught this amazing trout on the River Avon - and he is back swimming in there to fight another day!


Fishing on week days... now there's a thought.

Catch up soon

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